Ask the producers coming soon…

As many of you fans know Entertainment West Studios is owned by Dre and Dro ( Andre  & Pierre ). For many years we have kept quiet about industry beefs, model issues,  site development and more. Well its time to get those questions answered. We will be opening the floor up for question and concerns. All questions will be answered during our video promo ‘ Ask the producers’ and placed on this blog for free’  Please submit all your question below in our comments section.

1. Questions must be written in complete sentences.

2. Questions must be submitted in comments section or emailed to

3. Please do not ask any questions that we can not legally answer. ( You know what I mean)

One thought on “Ask the producers coming soon…

  • July 31, 2018 at 3:44 am

    I have two questions. 1.When is Ryder coming back? You him to kiss in screen was hot. 2. Fame is the hottest porn star right now when are you coming to snag him? I would love to see him the shower like you did Krave, and instruct him to kiss.


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